NOOD stainless steel


Especially suitable in environments with low water consumption or where unused for long periods. NOOD trap is a Purus invention and is a combination of water trap and mechanical odour trap to give twice the protection. A NOOD trap gives efficient protection against backwater, bad smells and vermin. The spring-loaded bowl always seals against the top part of the water trap. Available in plastic and stainless steel. 


Tuotenumero 7138433
Material Stainless steel.
Dimension For Purus gullies w. dimension Ø150 mm.

The water trap is partly mechanical, which means it remains closed when there is no water flowing through it. In a closed position, it prevents bad smells from the drain if the water should evaporate. The water trap opens automatically when water flows through it. Incoming water runs into the drain.


Does not fit in Freja and Ymer.